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USA Shooting Prepares for 2016 Olympics

When most people think of Olympic Shooting, they think about the Biathlon, where a Nordic skier carries a rifle along a snow course and shoots at various targets.

In reality, Olympic Shooting is comprised of rifle, pistol and shotgun competitions, 15 categories in all, and USA Shooting is one of the best Shooting Teams on the planet! With 107 Olympic medals under their belts, USA shooting has won more shooting medals in the Olympics than any other country in the world, including 3 Gold medals in the 2012 Games in London. In 2014, USA Shooting had had one of the better years in recent history, with accomplishments in all three disciplines: 5 individual World Championships, 13 World Cup medals and a new World Record! As a non-profit organization, USA Shooting depends heavily on the support of corporations and individuals to fill out it’s operation budget. That means hitting the road every January and drumming up contributions on the trade show circuit. Every year, USA Shooting has Visual Thinking Northwest produce a short promo video extolling the virtues of this team, and the video plays at all conventions, shot shows and other events where recreational shooting enthusiasts gather.