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Shooting Challenge: Kids Statewide Making Contributions To The Environment

“The Oregon Youth Conservation Corps is a program that develops and builds youth through education and workforce development”, says Doug Denning, OYCC Director. It’s a little known program that works with “at-risk” youth: kids at risk of not graduating from high school, at risk of not finding a job.

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These kids are 14-20 and need a little more support and stability to gain some traction in life. It also built a little character with our video crews! Visual Thinking Northwest chased OYCC work crews all around the state, in 14 locations, from Pendleton to Grants Pass to Tillamook. To capture the essence of their story, we followed kids across rivers and streams, climbed big hills, and schlepped camera gear through every kind of weather imaginable. We set time-lapse sequences to demonstrate the crews left no mark when leaving a campsite. We even put a GoPro in a canoe to get a unique perspective. The story that unfolds is compelling. Two of the main components in an OYCC program are experiential learning and hands on education. These kids don’t just swing a shovel and pull weeds, they learn about the environment, and they learn about life. It’s a terrific program that deserves more support.